Three Simple Steps to Clean and Care For Your Copper Jewelry

Three Simple Steps to Clean and Care For Your Copper Jewelry
Copper jewelry at Woodland Metalsmith is always sealed with a non-toxic protective finish. The finish protects the natural color and preserves the luster of your hammered copper jewelry for years to come. The protecting finish also prevents oxidization and stops the jewelry from turning your skin green. 
However, sometimes our jewelry needs a cleaning. After many years of experience working with copper, I have some really easy tips that will help you KEEP your jewelry in stunning condition! Not just copper, but sterling silver and brass as well!

Caring for your Woodland Metalsmith copper jewelry

How to Prevent Oxidation of Your Jewelry

Keep your jewelry dry!

I tell everyone this... no matter where you got your jewelry from or what kind of metal it is, keeping your jewelry dry will prevent moisture or sweat from reacting with the metal. Copper, brass and sterling jewelry all oxidize over time. This means taking your jewelry off when you bathe, wash your hands or go swimming. Storing your jewelry in a dry place is important as well. The bathroom has constant moisture, so make sure you put your piece somewhere like your bedroom, or even a box to help with this. 

How to Clean Your Copper Jewelry

We don't have complete control over how metal reacts to things, so if your jewelry simply starts to feel dirty and look dull, it might be time for a cleaning.

The super easy method of baking soda!

Baking soda is a very common household product that works great to neutralize acid. It also has just enough abrasiveness to help clean oxidation! You can buy baking soda at any grocery store or hardware store like Home Depot or even Amazon.

Add some water a little bit at a time to some baking soda and mix it until it becomes a paste similar to the consistency of toothpaste. Not too watery, yet not too dry. Take some of the mixture and rub it onto the copper with your finger (you can also use a wash cloth if you'd like) until you start to see the oxidation lighten up. You can do this until you are happy with how the piece looks. Make sure to pat dry when you are done. Avoid rubbing gemstones with baking soda.

The other easy method of a polishing cloth!

I recommend Sunshine polishing cloths, which you can buy on Amazon and other websites. You can use this to clean sterling silver, copper and brass! Simply take the cloth and rub it into the metal where you want it shined up until you get the results you are looking for. You can do this as often as you’d like.

How to Coat Your Jewelry for Long-lasting Luster

Coat your jewelry in clear nail polish!

Yes, nail polish. I use something called Protectaclear (pricey) which is specifically designed for jewelry. However, not everyone will have this in their home. You can use the nail polish on all the metal, avoiding the gemstone if there is one, and hang dry for 24 hours. You can re-coat as many times as you'd like. The more you coat, the more protected it will be. Just make sure you let it completely dry before re-applying.

Is Copper Jewelry Safe to Wear?

In short, yes. Copper jewelry has been said to have countless health benefits. 

Some health benefits that have been studied related to wearing copper jewelry include the following: 

  • Anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • Helps ease and relieve joint pain like arthritis. 
  • Helps cleanse the blood.
  • Helps with balance.

The benefits are not 100% certain since scientific studies show little-to-no evidence in social experiments wearing various copper accessories with varying ailments. However, copper jewelry is still easy on the eye and all my designs are made with love so it’s a win-win in my opinion.

Woodland Metalsmith offers handmade rustic copper jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. 

Get ready to receive countless compliments 

*insert heart eye emoji face* 😍😍😍 ... Feeling the love yet? 😁

Every piece of copper jewelry you buy from Woodland Metalsith is one of a kind, you won’t find two of the same anywhere.

My designs are all inspired by nature that surrounds my home in the PNW. I get inspired by the Olympic mountains, the mystical evergreen forest. And the beauty in trickling creeks, babbling brooks, and raging PNW rivers. 

I adore the bright starry sky, the lunar cycle, and from where I live, we can even see the milky way. I love it all, you can see that in every design – inspiration from the great outdoors is woven into every hand-crafted piece of copper jewelry that I make.

What Sort of Copper Jewelry Can I Find at Woodland Metalsmith? 

You’ll enjoy unique, handcrafted copper jewelry that’s made to last.

  • Long-lasting copper jewelry designed and crafted in Washington State. 

  • Every design is eco friendly inspired by nature in the Pacific Northwest. 

  • All jewelry from Woodland Metalsmith is 100% handcrafted.

Hammered Copper jewelry at Woodland Metalsmith is not only unique and sustainable, it’s hard-wearing and made to last. 

When you purchase from me, you get beautiful hand-crafted copper jewelry that lasts several generations. I seal and protect every design with a non-toxic finish. The finish enhances the natural luster of the copper and prevents the jewelry from turning your skin green.

You get unique rustic copper jewelry that’s designed by me and hand-crafted in the Pacific Northwest. 

Every piece is made from the best sustainable materials and crafted by a pretty kick-ass metalsmith if I say so myself… (Me). Not to toot my own horn! – I let my customers do that for me. You can check out what others are saying in the next section. 

What are customers saying about my copper jewelry? 

Looks even better in person than in the picture. Quick shipping, awesome customer service.- Rebecca

Pictures don't do this justice - it is absolutely beautiful! Shipped and arrived insanely fast (Washingtonian buyer here), packed with care. Many thanks for the gift!” - Amy

I purchased this for my daughter's 18th birthday, and she loves it. Not only was the seller professional, but she was also kind, doing everything she could to get it shipped quickly, and even included an extra gesture. We will be sure to shop Woodland Metalsmith again ❤ - Shauna

Absolutely stunning! Will buy again, these crystals are perfect for everyday wear and have great energy - Cassidy

These are just four 5-star reviews picked out from over 700 happy customer reviews! Come by my shop and check out our latest arrivals, you’re sure to find a favorite. 

As always, thanks for being here! 

Peace and Love, Kahlia.


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