Must-Have Pure Copper Bracelets at Woodland Metalsmith

Must-Have Pure Copper Bracelets at Woodland Metalsmith

These pure copper bracelets at Woodland Metalsmith are a must-have!

Twisted copper bracelets at Woodland Metalsmith are entirely handcrafted from 14 gauge pure copper wire.
The designer uses two pieces of raw metal and twists them by hand for a whimsical, playful touch. Hammer textured and oxidized for a rustic feel, these bangles are work hardened for sturdiness and longevity.
Despite the sturdiness of these bangles, they are easily bendable and adjustable to conform to your wrist. You can stack them, mix them with other metals, or just let one do the talking!
Made for both men and women, these unisex bangle bracelets come in sizes 6, 7 and 8 inches for small to large size wrists.
Solid hammered copper bracelets are handmade with a single piece of thick 10 gauge copper wire.
Hammered Copper Bracelets
Hammered and polished for a bright and shiny finish, these versatile stacking bracelets are perfect to wear single, or you can mix and match with other bangles and rings.
Work hardened for durability and easily adjustable, these textured bracelets make a stunning gift for someone who loves simple jewelry.
Pair this bracelet with a hammered copper ring
Hammered copper bracelets at Woodland Metalsmith are available in 3 sizes and are ready to ship.

 Enjoy the Benefits of Copper

Why wear copper bracelets?
Copper can help with arthritis and joint pain!
Yes, you heard that correctly! People have been wearing copper bracelets for thousands of years to help aid with pain, immune support and iron absorption.

How to Wear a Copper Bracelet

Wearing a copper bracelet whenever you experience pain will help minimize it over time, and you can wear it daily as preventative care.

How to Care for Copper

Copper jewelry care is easy! At Woodland Metalsmith, we coat all out copper to prevent tarnishing, however, the coating will wear off over time on bracelets and rings. You can simply take a polishing cloth to your bracelet until it's nice and shiny again!
You can read more about copper care in my blog post "3 Simple Steps to Clean and Care for Your Copper Jewelry"

Why Buy From Woodland Metalsmith?

Woodland Metalsmith offers one of a kind jewelry for men and women who enjoy the warmth and luster of copper and Pacific Northwest style! Copper jewelry makes great gifts, and we have something you are looking for. All jewelry is made to last with a clear lacquer to prevent tarnishing and each order comes in paper packaging for more eco-friendly footprint.
Plus, all orders come with a polishing cloth.
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