4 Simple Care Tips for Your Copper Jewelry.

Simple Care Tips for You Copper Jewelry
Copper Jewelry at Woodland Metalsmith is always sealed with a non-toxic protective finish. The finish protects the natural color and preserves the luster of your hammered copper jewelry for years to come. The protecting finish also prevents oxidization and stops the jewelry from turning your skin green. 

Find four simple care tips for your copper jewelry.

1. Wipe your copper jewelry clean with a soft damp cloth then dry thoroughly if you start to see tarnish forming. Avoid using acids on your jewelry if you'd like to maintain patina. If you want to take a patina off, simply use a mix of lemon juice and salt together and wipe onto copper with a soft cloth. Once it has brightened to your liking, simply clean off with a damp soft cloth and pat dry.

    2. Polish your jewelry often if you tend to wear perfumes, makeup or wear in water. Polishing your copper jewelry helps to maintain its shine and luster. You can use various eco friendly polishes such as bees wax (easily found online).

    3. Avoid water. I advise you and all my customers to take any copper jewelry off before you take a shower, bath, or go swimming for any length of time. Getting your copper jewelry wet is not going to ruin it right away, but over time it can cause the finishing coat to wear away, this exposes the jewelry to the elements and can lead to oxidization.

    4. Proper sealant. Copper jewelry that’s coated and finished properly maintains a lustrous shine. But when the coating is allowed to wear away, the jewelry can be at risk of oxidization and aging quicker. 


      But don’t worry

      There’s good news, copper jewelry is super easy to maintain and restore. It’s very low maintenance if any maintenance is needed at all. In replacement of polish, you can use Protectaclear for a longer lasting finish! Simply apply with a sponge brush and let dry for 12 hours, front and back one at a time.

      Rustic hand-crafted copper jewelry can be restored with ease and can be re-sealed with minimal effort using a non-toxic, sustainable finish, like the one I use to seal all my designs.  

      Is Copper Jewelry Safe to Wear?

      In short, yes. Copper jewelry has been said to have countless health benefits. 

      Some health benefits that have been studied related to wearing copper jewelry include the following: 

      • Anti-inflammatory properties. 
      • Helps ease and relieve joint pain like arthritis. 
      • Helps cleanse the blood.
      • Helps with balance.

      The benefits are not 100% certain since scientific studies show little-to-no evidence in social experiments wearing various copper accessories with varying ailments. However, copper jewelry is still easy on the eye and all my designs are made with love so it’s a win-win in my opinion.

      How to style your rustic copper jewelry.

      Imagine – you’re walking in a meadow of sunflowers, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and you’re wearing your favorite copper pendant. You know the one, it has your birthstone set in it. Your hair is blowing in the breeze and you’re happy to be alive #sodreamy 🥰

      Alright... so that probably hasn’t happened for a while since lockdown? But we can dream, right? 

      But the bit about your favorite copper pendant? At Woodland Metalsmith, I can make that dream come true for you and your purchase includes free domestic shipping over $35 AND always comes gift wrapped in sustainable shipping materials.

      My copper jewelry is versatile, you can wear it anytime, for any occasion. 

      Dress it up with a beautiful floaty linen dress like we just talked about, or dress it down for your social distanced yoga class, or your favorite sound healing session. 

      The copper jewelry I make goes well with lots of outfits and color palettes. But personally, I like to pair my favorite necklaces and copper cuff bracelets with earthy tones and floaty dresses and shirts. 

      I handmake all my hammered copper jewelry. Sometimes I even take requests for bespoke jewelry pieces. If you have an idea for a big event that’s coming up don’t hesitate to reach out

      I’ve made pieces for bridal parties in the past. The bride wanted all her bridesmaids to have unique pendants to wear for her ceremony. They got to keep a piece of jewelry that was sentimental to the bridal party and enjoy it for years to come. 

      Woodland Metalsmith offers handmade rustic copper jewelry you won’t find anywhere else. 

      Get ready to receive countless compliments 

      *insert heart eye emoji face* 😍😍😍 ... Feeling the love yet? 😁

      Every piece of copper jewelry you buy from Metta Weaving is one-of-a-kind, you won’t find two of the same anywhere.

      My designs are all inspired by nature that surrounds my home in the PNW. I get inspired by the Olympic mountains, the mystical evergreen forest. And the beauty in trickling creeks, babbling brooks, and raging PNW rivers. 

      I adore the bright starry sky, the lunar cycle, and from where I live, we can even see the milky way. I love it all, you can see that in every design – inspiration from the great outdoors is woven into every hand-crafted piece of copper jewelry that I make.

      What Sort of Copper Jewelry Can I Find at Woodland Metalsmith? 

      You’ll enjoy unique, hand-crafted copper jewelry that’s made to last.

      • One-of-a-kind hammered copper pendants, hammered copper cuff bracelets, and copper gemstone rings.

      • Long-lasting copper jewelry designed and crafted in Washington State. 

      • Every design is eco friendly inspired by nature in the Pacific Northwest. 

      • All jewelry from Woodland Metalsmith is backed by a 60-day guarantee.

      • 20 trees are planted with every purchase.

      Hammered Copper jewelry at Woodland Metalsmith is not only unique and sustainable, it’s hard-wearing and made to last. 

      When you purchase from me, you get beautiful hand-crafted copper jewelry that lasts several generations. I seal and protect every design with a non-toxic finish. The finish enhances the natural luster of the copper and prevents the jewelry from turning your skin green.

      You get unique rustic copper jewelry that’s designed by me and hand-crafted in the Pacific Northwest. 

      Every piece is made from the best sustainable materials and crafted by a pretty kick-ass metalsmith if I say so myself… (Me). Not to toot my own horn! – I let my customers do that for me. You can check out what others are saying in the next section. 

      What are customers saying about my copper jewelry? 

      Looks even better in person than in the picture. Quick shipping, awesome customer service.- Rebecca

      Pictures don't do this justice - it is absolutely beautiful! Shipped and arrived insanely fast (Washingtonian buyer here), packed with care. Many thanks for the gift!” - Amy

      I purchased this for my daughter's 18th birthday, and she loves it. Not only was the seller professional, but she was also kind, doing everything she could to get it shipped quickly, and even included an extra gesture. We will be sure to shop Metta Weaving again ❤ - Shauna

      Absolutely stunning! Will buy again, these crystals are perfect for everyday wear and have great energy - Cassidy

      These are just four 5-star reviews picked out from over 700 happy customer reviews! Come by my shop and check out our latest arrivals, you’re sure to find a favorite. 

      As always, thanks for being here! 

      Peace and Love, Kahlia.

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