The Must-Have Rustic Goddess Jewelry Set

The Must-Have Rustic Goddess Jewelry Set

 This rustic Goddess pendant and earring set is entirely hand forged with solid copper. Skilled metalsmithing techniques make them super unique. A perfect gift for a loved one and a great jewelry addition to your favorite outfit!


Handmade Goddess Jewelry Set


These beauties are made in small batches with solid 20 gauge copper. Each little Goddess is about 1 inch tall, is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. 


Handcrafted Copper Goddess Earrings


The earrings come with your very own choice of hooks. I offer hypoallergenic Niobium hooks as well as various size and gauge copper hooks to suit your needs. Whether you have tiny piercing holes, large holes or even wear hollow gauges, you can find just the right hooks for you!
Get the Rustic Goddess Earrings here.


Handmade Copper Goddess Necklace


The pendant comes with your choice of a 14 - 28 inch adjustable black polyester cord or a custom length copper chain with an effortless handmade lobster clasp. The pendant is set on a handmade hammered bail!

Get the Goddess Pendant Necklace here.

• Carefully gift wrapped in paper packaging
• Handmade in the Pacific Northwest
• 20 trees are planted with your order

My Creative Process
I make these Goddesses by sawing 20 gauge raw copper sheeting, sanding the edged and surfaces, and texturing with a hammer and the beautiful swirl stamp. I then age them for an antique look. They are also coated in a high quality sealant to keep your skin from turning green. These babes are work hardened so they are nice and sturdy.

A Fun Fact About Copper
Uncoated copper can turn your skin green and this is simply a chemical reaction between the copper and your skin or other elements. This does not reflect the quality of the metal. It is a non-harmful reaction and will wash right off.

Benefits of Copper
Copper is an essential trace mineral to the body and is needed to perform normal functions. Science shows that copper helps with blood circulation, reduces arthritis, protects cells, supports your immune and nervous system and helps absorb iron into the body. There is so much more that copper can do for you. With all these health benefits, copper is the perfect wearable metal.

How to Care For Your Copper Jewelry
I recommend taking your jewelry off when bathing and sleeping to preserve the coating on the copper. Store in a safe, dry place.

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