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    Find favorite picks of sold jewelry pieces handmade with natural gemstones from the Pacific Northwest. Each piece was handcrafted with solid metal and coated in a high quality lacquer.

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    made in Quilcene, Washington State

    What Customers Say

    "I have the privilege to own a few pieces of Kahlias jewelry. As a person who chooses quality over quantity, her pieces blend art, nature and elegance. All have an excellent eye to detail and are high quality. I will always be a repeat customer." Daysi


    Pure copper is perfectly safe to wear and more hypoallergenic than plated copper, which can contain other metals that will react to your skin.

    Copper jewelry has been said to have countless health benefits. Some health benefits that have been studied related to wearing copper include anti-inflammatory properties, iron absorption and arthritis pain relief.

    Woodland Metalsmith creates one of a kind copper pendant necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings with genuine gemstones.

    Pendants come on an adjustable cord or stainless steel chain so you don't have to worry about necklace sizing.

    Earrings are made with hypoallergenic hooks for ultra sensitive skin.

    Bracelets and rings are adjustable to account for fluctuation and are super comfortable.

    Woodland Metalsmith copper jewelry is intentionally handcrafted with care and made to last, which makes them great sentimental gifts for loved ones.