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    Shop these newest jewelry arrivals, fresh off the bench! Find matching necklaces, earrings and rings with no-dig gemstones from the Pacific Northwest. Free US shipping and gift wrap included.

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    What Customers Say

    "I have the privilege to own a few pieces of Kahlias jewelry. As a person who chooses quality over quantity, her pieces blend art, nature and elegance. All have an excellent eye to detail and are high quality. I will always be a repeat customer." Daysi


    You'll find a variety of gemstones set in pendant necklaces, earrings and rings. Each piece is adjustable and coated for tarnish resistance.

    The newest arrivals are the most recent pieces of jewelry I have created!

    You will never find two of the same pieces of jewelry in my shop. I pride myself in making completely unique pieces!

    These pieces of jewelry are hot off the bench. I usually keep items in the newest arrivals collection for a month.