Woodland Metalsmith is only selling at markets at this time. Please visit my events page for more details.

WM offers unique items that are long-lasting and sustainable. A portion of sales also goes to local animal shelters.

WM is a small handcrafted business based in Washington State near the Olympic Mountains. Kahlia, the skilled metalsmith, creates high quality and sustainable copper jewelry for anyone interested in earthy fashion.

You can find WM at upcoming events on the events page.

Wearing natural gemstones can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension in the mind and body. Every stone has unique metaphysical properties. Please refer to individual listings to learn about each stone or check out my blog to learn more.

Copper is a natural mineral found on Earth that is an a mix of orange and pink in color. Copper ages by coming in contact with the elements, changing to a darker shade or even greenish-blue with the right chemicals. Copper is highly conductive and is used to create electricity. It is soft and malleable, which makes it great to work with in metalsmithing and wire wrapping. However, copper work hardens, making it a durable option as well. Once a copper jewelry piece is finished, it should be nice and strong, lasting a long time if made properly.

Copper plays an important roll in immune function and protects cognitive function, among many other health benefits. Wearing copper jewelry is said to help aid in arthritis relief, and can help balance the mind, body and spirit.