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Natural Gemstone Jewelry from the Pacific Northwest
Here, we take the term "handcrafted" very seriously. The designer and lapidary artist, Kahlia, has always had her heart set on creating locally and sustainably sourced products. Woodland Metalsmith is a small handcrafted business that makes natural gemstone jewelry from...
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How this Artist Overcame a Brain Disorder
I founded Woodland Metalsmith (formerly Metta Weaving) in 2013 following a pretty horrific car collision I was in. This is me and Dr. Ellenbogen. He's a neurosurgeon at Harborview Medical Center that specializes in Chiari Malformations. Following the wreck, I was no...
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The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Shopping Guide
The thought of picking out jewelry for someone else can be downright stressful. Here at Woodland Metalsmith, we are here to help. Whether you're birthday or holiday shopping for your wife, daughter or husband, this ultimate jewelry gift shopping guide will help you...
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