Meet the Metalsmith

Metalsmith Kahlia Chase

Meet Kahlia.

Jewelry designer, business owner and creative.

Hi, my name is Kahlia (pro. Ka-lee-ah) Chase.

I’m the artisan metalsmith jewelry designer behind every unique piece of handmade jewelry that attracted you to this site.

All my creations are inspired by nature, and you – my customer. 

I specialize in wire wrapping and modern metalsmithing, working with ethically sourced and eco friendly materials.  I love to work with copper and natural gemstones, as they have great healing properties and are simply gorgeous. 


Metalsmithing Copper Jewelry

To learn more about the healing properties of copper and gemstones, check out my blog posts.


I design and create high-quality, unique pieces of jewelry. In the past, I’ve sold my creations at various festivals and handmade markets around the greater Pacific Northwest. However, due to Covid-19, my sales are now primarily online until further notice. I am looking forward to seeing my customers in person again.

Every piece of jewelry is 100% handcrafted by me. I do everything from design and making individual jewelry components like ear wires and clasps. I release small batches of jewelry once or twice a month in shop updates to my website. I’m passionate about crystals and offering a variety of them in different designs – so that no matter your style (earthy, rustic, natural), you can reap the benefits of their healing properties. 


You can follow shop updates by joining my newsletter at the bottom of my homepage.


My jewelry making and design process is very involved and usually takes a few weeks to create each small batch. I spend a lot of time on each individual piece and put a lot of care into them as well. It's much different than my previous work, which was macramé and wire wrapping, which I still do occasionally. My main focus now is metalsmithing, which I will move to permanently over time. Learn more about the Woodland Metalsmith story here.


Jewelry design is actually a lot of fun for me. It's where the magic begins. I usually spend a decent amount of time drawing my designs. I draw shapes for pendants, cut outs for animals, leaves and other patterns that I use for little accent pieces. I will even draw out where I want my stamps to go. 


I use various metalsmithing tools and skills to create every piece, such as a jewelers saw, torch, hand files, sand paper, pliers, flux, sheet metal cutters, a Dremel tool, liver of sulfur and steel wool. I will also use hammers, stamps and chasing tools to create the finishing touches of the piece. The list goes on. I believe I have over 25 tools and materials that I use just to create each piece. I use a few different sheet metals including brass, sterling silver, and of course, copper. I fuse these metals together using a torch and solder.

Gemstones can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension in the mind and body. Copper plays an important role in mind, body and spiritual balance.


Whether you are looking for a gift for your wife, daughter, boyfriend or husband, I have a wide range of jewelry. Treating yourself? I have something for you.

My jewelry is unique and made to last. Currently, I only sell at local markets! 5% of sales goes to local animal shelters. Visit my Events page for details.



More About Me

Fly Agaric Mushroom

I design, create, and live in a school bus tiny home. Home for me is the lush rainforest of Washington State in the Pacific Northwest. I live with my partner Ryan and our fur baby, Aspen. 

We named our school bus Bethel and she’s pretty awesome. Learn more about her here.

Aspen has been with me since the beginning. We’ve been through it all – relationships, friendships, a car collision, brain surgery and starting my business over seven years ago. She’s getting older now but still comes along for hikes and other outdoor adventures with Ryan and me. 

Ryan joined the party over four years ago. Since then, we achieved so much together!  We have spent our entire relationship building our school bus tiny home, backpacking, camping, and more recently, buying land in Quilcene, Washington, where we will be moving our tiny home very soon.

I am super passionate about being environmentally conscious. I love hiking, yoga, meditation and rock hounding. Some of my favorite spots to hike are in the Olympic mountains here in WA, very close to our home. I am also a vegetarian, love to garden and grow my own herbs!


I am also social media free as of recently. I took a huge leap and did away with my social media accounts completely and it has been a huge change (for the better). Personally, social media was a drag and I didn't enjoy seeing the way people behave on there and it was such a huge distraction. Life is good with out it! I can focus on my metalsmithing and other hobbies now.

Live in my neck of the woods? Where do you like to hike?


I love to chat and connect with my customers, so feel free to shoot me a message in the live chat on my main page! You can also email me via the Contact page. 

Woodland Metalsmith will be moving to the base of the Olympic Mountains this summer. Here I will be even closer to nature! My partner and I have a serene piece of property overlooking wetlands, a lake and the mountains. It's very quaint.