The Ultimate Guide For Jewelry Gift Shopping

The Ultimate Guide For Jewelry Gift Shopping

The thought of picking out jewelry for someone else can be just downright stressful.

Here at Woodland Metalsmith, we are here to help.

Whether you're shopping for your wife, daughter or husband, these steps will help you find the right piece of jewelry for them! You can use a combination of these steps to make an educated guess and make them a happy recipient! Woodland Metalsmith specializes in statement jewelry as well as everyday wear.



The best place to start... Personality!

Think about how your person dresses and how they wear jewelry. Do they even wear jewelry? Do they have a bright and loud personality? Or are they a more introverted and quiet person?

If this is in question, it's always best to go simple.

Woodland Metalsmith makes simple rings and bracelets that work for just about any personality. Plus, they are fun to add to! Stacking rings and bangle bracelets can be mixed with other metals and can be added to any outfit.

Bright personalities tend to wear more statement jewelry and like colorful flashy things. In this case, you can choose a pendant that really stands out. They may also love sterling silver or larger, colorful stones!

orbicular jasper copper pendant

Here we have an intricately handcrafted copper pendant that you can pair with a "night on the town" kind of dress or festival style outfit. 

Introverted people tend to wear more subtle jewelry, however, this doesn't mean they are bland! They may prefer something smaller, a more every-day wear kind of piece. 

Here we have a handcrafted pair of simple trillium earrings that can be worn with any outfit. They are also made with hypoallergenic hooks!

If you are still having a hard time figuring out what to get, you can move onto the next step!


Style Preferences

Does your mother like vintage style clothing? Does your girlfriend love nature? Does your husband prefer neutral tones? What's their birthstone? Do they like to dress up for the Renaissance Fair?

Style is very important in choosing jewelry. You want them to actually wear something you buy them, right?

Woodland Metalsmith offers a variety of stones in different colors from neutral to flashy!



Let's be real here... Does this person even have their ears pierced? Do you know if they wear rings regularly? Think about their daily outfits and their habits. Like I said before, it's ALWAYS safe to go simple. 

Here we have the popular adjustable hammered copper ring (also available in sterling silver) in case you are unsure of sizing. This ring sits comfortably on the finger and fits US size 5 to 10!

If you follow these 3 steps, there is no doubt that you will get them something they will absolutely love and cherish!


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