Copper Earrings

    One of a kind gemstone copper earrings for the bold spirit. Artisan crafted with self collected natural gemstones, raw copper and hypoallergenic earring hooks. Start your healing journey and choose from a variety of dangle earrings, minimalist earrings, nature earrings and more. Find gifts for both men and women. Free US shipping over $75. 

    Learn about the healing benefits of pure copper.

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    Woodland Metalsmith

    Copper earrings have many healing benefits. As a conductive metal, copper can aid in arthritis and joint pain, as well as helping with blood circulation. Metaphysically, it helps with emotional balance.

    All Woodland Metalsmith earrings are handmade with 99.9% pure copper and 925 sterling silver. The hooks are made with ultra hypoallergenic niobium wire for sensitive skin.

    Gemstones at Woodland Metalsmith are hand collected from beaches and river beds on the Olympic Peninsula for an added Pacific Northwest feel. All materials are locally and sustainably sourced.