Hypoallergenic Gemstone Earrings

    Shop hypoallergenic gemstone earrings with natural beach stones from Washington State. Each pair of earrings is coated in a high quality lacquer. Get 15% off when you buy two or more pieces of jewelry. Free US shipping included!

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    made in Quilcene, Washington State

    FAQs About Hypoallergenic Gemstone Earrings

    I use metalsmithing and lapidary techniques to create my gemstone earrings!

    Absolutely! All gemstone earrings come with niobium hooks. Niobium is a non-reactive metal and is ultra hypoallergenic. I have yet to find a customer who couldn't wear niobium.

    I focus on a variety of Jaspers, Agate, Quartz, Moonstone and Epidote to create my earrings. These are all stones that I find locally on beaches.

    I don't normally make custom earrings, however, if you have a gemstone you'd like me to work with, feel free to send me an email from the contact page!

    I use niobium ear hooks, pure copper, sterling silver and solid brass to create my gemstone earrings.