Meet the Jewelry Designer Kahlia Chase
Yellow Jasper with Agate Veins from Washington State

Meet the Metalsmith Jewelry Designer

Meet the Metalsmith jewelry designer, business owner and creative. 

Hi, my name is Kahlia (pro. Ka-lee-ah) Chase.

I’m the artisan metalsmith jewelry designer behind every unique piece of handmade jewelry at Woodland Metalsmith. I am a person who has overcome mental illness, physical trauma and a brain disorder. I am human and I am here to thrive.

All my creations are inspired by nature, and you – my customer. 

I specialize in wire wrapping and modern metalsmithing, working with ethically sourced and eco friendly materials.  I love to work with copper and natural gemstones, as they have great healing properties and are simply gorgeous. I collect the gemstones myself from various spots in Washington State, and my favorite places to look are on rivers banks and beaches. I will scour for hours to find the perfect stones to use, and then take them home to cut, shape and polish them to make my own cabochons. 


Washington State yellow jasper jewelry set in copper


I design and create high-quality, unique pieces of natural gemstone jewelry.

I sell my creations at various festivals and handmade markets around the greater Pacific Northwest. I also sell my gemstone jewelry online, all of which are exceptionally one of a kind!

Every piece of jewelry is 100% handcrafted by me. I do everything from designing to making individual jewelry components like ear wires and clasps. I release small batches of jewelry once or twice a month since my work is very involved. I’m passionate about crystals and offering a variety of them in different designs – so that no matter your style (earthy, rustic, natural, moody), you can reap the benefits of their healing properties. 


Whether you are looking for handmade pendant necklaces, dangle earrings, gemstone rings or bracelets, Woodland Metalsmith has you covered. 


My jewelry making process.


My jewelry making and design process is very involved and usually takes a few weeks to create each small batch. I spend a lot of time on each individual piece and put a lot of care into them as well. It's much different than my previous work, which was macramé. My main focus now is metalsmithing and wire weaving, which has become a full time career.


Jewelry design is actually a lot of fun for me. It's where the magic begins. I usually spend a decent amount of time drawing my designs. I draw shapes for pendants, cut outs for animals, leaves and other patterns that I use for little accent pieces. I will even draw out where I want my stamps to go. I also go rock hounding for my materials now, and shape and cut the stones myself. This takes extra work but it is totally worth it.


I use various metalsmithing tools and skills to create every piece, such as a jewelers saw, torch, hand files, sand paper, pliers, flux, sheet metal cutters, a Dremel tool, liver of sulfur and polishing pads. I will also use hammers, stamps and chasing tools to create the finishing touches of the piece. The list goes on. I have well over 50 tools and materials that I use just to create each piece. I use a few different sheet metals including brass, sterling silver, and of course, copper. I fuse these metals together using a torch and solder.

Gemstones can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and tension in the mind and body. Copper plays an important role in mind, body and spiritual balance, as well as promotes blood flow and decreases inflammation.


Whether you are looking for a gift for your wife, daughter, boyfriend or husband, I have a wide range of jewelry. Treating yourself? I have something just for you.

My jewelry is truly unique and made to last. 


In my years of experience, I also like to extend knowledge to my customers. Learn about ways to clean and care for your gemstone jewelry in my blog, as well as how to find the perfect gift.

You can find other information about my handcrafted business on my FAQs page.


More About The Jewelry Designer

View from the copper jewelry studio

I design, create, and live in a school bus tiny home. Home for me is the lush rainforest of Washington State in the Pacific Northwest. I live with my partner Ryan, our tiny little dog, and two rescue rabbits.

We named our school bus Bethel and she’s pretty awesome.

This metalsmith jewelry studio is a school bus

I have a chiweenie, Aspen, who has been with me since the beginning. We’ve been through it all – relationships, friendships, a car collision, brain surgery and starting my business over many years ago. She’s getting older now but still comes along for hikes and other outdoor adventures with Ryan and I. 

Ryan joined the party in 2016. Since then, we achieved so much together!  We have spent our entire relationship building our school bus tiny home, backpacking, camping, and more recently, buying land in Quilcene, Washington, where we live now and plan on building a home in the future.

I am super passionate about being environmentally conscious. I love hiking, looking for mushrooms and rock hounding. Some of my favorite spots to hike are in the Olympic mountains here in Washington, very close to our home. I am also a vegetarian, love to garden and grow my own food!

Do you live in my neck of the woods? Feel free to reach out on the contact page, or you can follow me on Instagram!