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Sustainability meets fashion. You can have them both.

Woodland Metalsmith jewelry is intentionally handcrafted with no-dig gemstones collected from the river beds and beaches of Washington State. This creates very little impact on the environment and lessens mass mining practices. Mass mining has many negative results for us, as it can leach toxic substances into our air and water. This also creates an unsafe environment for workers, as many mass mining operations do not always supply workers with masks and gear. In some countries, children are often made to work in these unsafe conditions.

With our no-dig gemstones and recycled copper, you can feel great about wearing your jewelry from Woodland Metalsmith.

All-Inclusive Designs

A variety of styles, adjustable for comfort and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin.

Low Impact Shipping

Since gemstones are collected locally by the artist, shipping and handling is majorly cut down.

All orders are shipped in plastic-free paper packaging.


Since 2018, Woodland Metalsmith has obtained over 500 stellar reviews!


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