The Ultimate Jewelry Gift Shopping Guide

Ultimate Jewelry Gift Shopping Guide
The thought of picking out jewelry for someone else can be downright stressful.
Here at Woodland Metalsmith, we are here to help.
Whether you're birthday or holiday shopping for your wife, daughter or husband, this ultimate jewelry gift shopping guide will help you find the right piece of gemstone jewelry for them!
This small handcrafted business in Washington State offers stunning jewelry gifts for both men and women, and each one is UNIQUE!

Jewelry for Every-Day Wear

Jewelry for everyday wear
Woodland Metalsmith makes simple rings and bracelets that work for just about any personality or gender. Plus, they are fun to add to! Stacking rings and bangle bracelets can be mixed with other metals and can be added to any outfit.
The popular hammered copper ring, also available in sterling silver, is adjustable in case you are unsure of sizing. This ring sits comfortably on the finger and fits US size 5 to 10!
Copper bracelets are adjustable as well and come in three different sizes.
Minimalist Style Gemstone Jewelry
Minimalist style gemstone jewelry pieces are a great fit for someone who loves crystals, but doesn't like to be too flashy.

Stand Out with a Statement Piece

Stand Out with a Statement Piece
One of a kind pendant necklaces at Woodland Metalsmith can be worn with a "night on the town" kind of dress or festival style outfit. 
Bold metalsmith earrings are available in different shapes and styles. All earrings are handcrafted with hypoallergenic niobium hooks for ultra sensitive skin.
Gemstone rings at Woodland Metalsmith are adjustable and comfortable. Find some made with sterling silver bands so they don't turn your skin green!

Shop by Pacific Northwest Gemstones

Woodland Metalsmith offers a variety of stones in different colors from neutral to flashy. All gemstones are collected and cut in Washington State by the artist.

Buy a Gift Card

Woodland Metalsmith Gift Card
If you're in doubt about what to get, you can always purchase a gift card and let them pick out a nice piece of jewelry for themselves.

Why buy from Woodland Metalsmith?

Truly One of a Kind Jewelry

Not only are these pieces unique, they also offer a new-age, rustic appeal that is on the rise. Woodland Metalsmith creates finely crafted gemstone jewelry with raw metals, while using hypoallergenic ear hooks and necklaces that work for everyone! Every single component is completely handmade, making each piece different in its very own way.
Your loved one wants something special for Christmas that they can't get anywhere else. And you know they have been obsessing over these eye-catching pieces!

Locally and Sustainably Handmade

Wait until you hear this... Woodland Metalsmith uses local materials to create their one of a kind jewelry. "How so" do you ask?! Gemstones are collected locally from Pacific Northwest beaches and surrounding areas. They are also cut, shaped and polished by Woodland Metalsmith! Washington and Oregon State have magnificent gemstone specimens, and Kahlia, the jewelry designer, goes and finds them on her days off. 
The copper that is used in each piece is highly recyclable, making it a much more earth friendly material to use. Woodland Metalsmith can also reuse left over copper to make more jewelry!
Each order is gift wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in paper material. No plastic is used in shipping, which makes Woodland Metalsmith a great choice for special gifts.

Long Lasting Gifts

Stray away from the cheap stuff and choose well crafted gifts. All jewelry from Woodland Metalsmith is expertly handcrafted to last a lifetime. It's a gift they will cherish forever, and maybe one day they can pass it on!
Free US shipping
Insurance included for peace of mind

    About Woodland Metalsmith

    Woodland Metalsmith Jewelry Designer

    Woodland Metalsmith is a small handcrafted business created by jewelry designer Kahlia Chase in Washington State. She makes jewelry inspired by nature on the Olympic Peninsula, doing everything from metal to stone work.

    Customers Say it All!

    "I have the privilege to own a few pieces of Kahlias jewelry. As a person who chooses quality over quantity, her pieces blend art, nature and elegance. All have an excellent eye to detail and are high quality. I will always be a repeat customer." - Daysi

    "This was a custom order. I sent Kahlia two ammonite fossils, and had her wire wrap them as pendants. She did a wonderful job with them, and I'm very pleased. She had them both finished very quickly, and shipped back to me. Kahlia exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend this shop." - David

    "Beautiful. Everything about this necklace feels good to me. I fell in love immediately when I took it out of the packaging. Thank you." - Jill


    How To Care For Metal Jewelry

    Metal care is easy! In Woodland Metalsmiths blog, find tips and tricks on how to care for your metal jewelry.
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