Natural Gemstone Necklaces

    Natural Gemstone Necklaces Handcrafted with Washington State Beach Stones

    Each one of a kind necklace is adjustable and coated in a high quality lacquer for long-lasting protection. Get 15% off when you buy two or more pieces of jewelry. Shop now and enjoy free US shipping!

    Each gemstone necklace comes on an adjustable cord or stainless steel chain for sensitive skin and ease of use.

    FAQs About Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

    Store your jewelry in a dry place and take it off when bathing and swimming. Gemstone necklaces at Woodland Metalsmith are sealed in a lacquer to help prevent tarnishing.

    Pure copper, 99.99% copper and .01% zinc, is perfectly safe to wear and you can even benefit from wearing it. Woodland Metalsmith uses pure copper for all pendant necklaces.

    With minimal care, your gemstone necklace will last for many years to come!

    A good necklace length depends entirely on style and preference. Luckily, Woodland Metalsmith pendants come with an adjustable necklace cord or chain so you can wear it however long you'd like.

    Most people are not allergic to pure copper, however, some people are. Woodland Metalsmith uses hypoallergenic polyester cords and stainless steel chains for gemstone pendant necklaces. Pendants are also sealed in a lacquer to create a barrier.

    My gemstone pendant necklaces are handcrafted with mainly a variety of Jasper, Agate, Moonstone, Quartz and Epidote which I find on beaches in Washington State.

    I don't normally make custom orders, however, if you have a stone that you would like me to work with, feel free to send me an email on the contact page!

    I do! I make everything entirely from scratch, including the cabochons.

    The polyester cord has two knots. Simply pull them away from each other until there's about an inch between the knots and you can pull the necklace over your head. To tighten, tighten one knot at a time until you have your desired length.

    The chain has a copper clasp that you can feed through any link in the necklace you'd like. You can pinch the copper clasp together so it doesn't slip out of the link.