Beach pebble and copper pendant necklace
Red Garnet Mountain Scene Jewelry Set
Moonstone Koi Fish Pendant in Copper
Labradorite Flower Ring in Copper and Sterling Silver
Lepidolite metalsmith copper pendant necklace
Metalsmith Labradorite Copper Pendant
Ammonite Fossil and Copper Pendant Necklace
Ocean Jasper Copper Pendant Necklace
Handcrafted Cherry Creek Jasper Copper Pendant
Dark Amethyst Copper Pendant Necklace
Mermaid Labradorite Copper Jewelry Set
Chandelier copper earrings
Hand forged copper and brass pendant necklaces made with hand picked beach pebbles and natural gemstones.
Mixed metal pieces made with copper and brass wire and sheeting to create one of a kind wearable art.
Consciously crafted jewelry made with natural gemstones and recycled pure copper.