How to Balance Your Fire Element Wearing Carnelian Gemstone

How to Balance Your Fire Element Wearing Carnelian Gemstone

Do you want to enhance your spiritual healing, and increase your vitality in the world? This one's for you.

Wouldn’t you love to ease your stress, tension, fear, depression, and anxiety? Carnelian can help you with that. 

Here at Woodland Metalsmith, we'll teach you how to balance your fire element wearing Carnelian gemstone.

Imagine – sitting for meditation, focusing on your breath, feeling the vibrations from this ancient gemstone – you begin to reconnect with your mind and body, you feel grounded to the earth beneath you. All of your senses come alive at once. Carnelian gemstone clears negative energy and revitalizes your passion for life. The vibration of Carnelian helps improve circulation in the body, this boosts your energy and overall well being. 3
Women today, and for centuries before us, use Carnelian to regulate their moon cycle, it aids in relieving your cramps, fatigue, and headaches. It can restore health and vitality to a woman’s reproductive organs and sacred space after hysterectomy. This ancient gemstone is not only beautiful to wear, fashioned after ancient Greek, Roman, and African royalty,3 but the energy from the stone also stimulates vibrant sexual energy in both men and women. Wearing Carnelian, or simply holding a tumbled gemstone in your pocket, improves your mental health, internal health, and emotional well-being. 
Sacred Goddesses, Light Healers, Reiki Practitioners and Way Seers! Are you feeling called to invite Carnelian into your space and practice? If so, you might be craving balance for your energy elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.

What are the qualities of your fire element and how does Carnelian gemstone help bring you balance?

Your fire element represents Sun energy. Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius represent the fire element in the zodiac. It is important to nurture your emotional well-being, especially if you are a fire sign.4 Practicing self-care is vital to maintaining a healthy balance of your energy elements. When in balance, your fire element embodies warmth, and generosity, and invites laughter, love, joy, trust, and passion into your life.
If you have a strong fire element you tend to be the life of the party and a spark of inspiration to others – you motivate those around you to follow their intuition in a fierce and enthusiastic way. You’re upbeat and ready to take on the challenges you face. Carnelian can help maintain these positive qualities in you.1.
When you don't take time for self-care and to nurture your spirit, you can become imbalanced. When you have an imbalance in your fire element you seek validation from others constantly. You become an avid attention seeker, and in pushing people for validation, you actually begin to push people away. With an imbalance, you’ll experience:
crippling feelings of inadequacy
    You might experience physical symptoms such as breakouts and hot flashes. Also, too much or too little fire element can affect your sexuality.  
    But don't worry, you are not alone. Here's how you can apply Carnelian to your life to get back on top! No pun intended.
    wire wrapped carnelian agate necklace

    What is Carnelian gemstone, and how does it make you feel?

    Carnelian represents your Fire Element, it is an earth crystal and belongs to the Chalcedony family of semi-precious gemstones. The Chalcedony family of stones are fine-grained (cryptocrystalline) silica minerals. The array of yellow, orange and fiery red found in Carnelian are caused by one of the components: iron-oxide 2
    Carnelian gemstones come in a range of juicy colors – from a soft yellowish-orange to a fierce, fiery red carnelian. The family of Chalcedony crystals includes Carnelian, Indian agate, bloodstone, and many more. 
    Carnelian is a tool used both in ancient and present-day healing rituals and ceremonies. Humans have used this stone for millennia. Men draped in armor wore Carnelian to strengthen their courage heading into battle. 
    During your meditation with this stone, you feel the roots of your feet ground into the earth. Carnelian stabilizes your mood, emotions, and spirit – leaving you feeling calm and peaceful. 
    Do you want to get out of bed in the morning without that groggy cloud of depression? 
    Do you want to leave your past behind? 
    Do you want to stop worrying about the future and be awake in the present moment?
      Carnelian can help you with that. 
      It is a sacred, protection stone, useful for overcoming abuse of any kind. This stone will help you to trust appropriately and strengthen your willpower to succeed in life.
      Imagine never second-guessing yourself again. You move through life making strong decisions, confident in who you are and what you stand for. You have clarity and peace of mind. Wearing your carnelian instills these qualities in you. It harnesses the potential to stimulate your motivation and enhance your creative spirit. Along with many other benefits.

      How can I add Carnelian to my meditation practice?

      Use a carnelian in your mediation practice by applying it to a color meditation. Color mediation can be useful in balancing your chakras. This type of meditation realigns your Chakras and when practiced with Carnelian can balance your fire element. 
      You can start by envisioning the color yellow and placing a focus on the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is located in your lower belly below your navel. Holding your Carnelian, invite the affirmations that resonate with you. You might invite grounding, protection, energy-clearing, and cleansing. At the same time, actively release anger, jealousy, feelings of self-doubt. 

      Here’s a step-by-step guide to color meditation using Carnelian gemstone: 

      Step 1: Reach for your carnelian. You might have a tumbled gemstone in your hand or pocket, or you could be wearing your carnelian pendant, bracelet, earrings, or ring.
      Step 2: Get comfortable for your meditation
      Step 3: Soothe yourself with comforts, you might like soft music, your sage wand nearby, a bolster, a blanket, and a calming eye pillow
      Step 4: Use tools that soothe your soul
      Once seated, or laying down:
      Step 5: Focus on your breath
      Step 6: Bring awareness to your Sacral chakra 
      Step 7: Visualize the color yellow
      Step 8: You see swirling yellow or orange light in this space
      Step 9: Invite warmth, love, and passion for yourself
      Step 10: Rest in Savasana – corpse pose, allow your body to melt into the earth beneath you, rest here a while soaking in the benefits of the practice  
      Continue this practice for 5-10 minutes daily for positive results. Or you can practice this wherever you find time and space. Your Carnelian is sure to balance your fire element and bring vibrant Sun energy back into your life.

      Now it’s time for you to find balance...

      You are a cosmic being, living a human experience. Living through the changes this year has been, and continues to be, overwhelming at times. The global pandemic continues to increase fear, stress, and anxiety. The civil rights movement has stirred up buried emotions, trauma, and shone a light on countless racial injustices, and rightly so. 
      You are taking great strides towards making the world a better place. When you practice self-care you’re able to show up for yourself and others – and the movements taking place. People are waking up and challenging the status quo. 
      You are a worthy woman steadfast in meditating, chanting, and sage burning. You make a powerful impact on helping shift the collective consciousness by showing up. There is a universal transformation happening right before us. With all that ambiguity and transformation, why not invite calm, peace, and grounding to your life with Carnelian gemstone? It’s a wonderful addition to your sacred toolbox.
      carnelian agate metalsmith pendant
      From Kahlia the Creator, with Love
      My Carnelian pieces of jewelry are handcrafted with love. I specialize in wire wrapping and metalsmithing gemstones into one of a kind pieces. I design and create from my school bus studio in the Pacific Northwest. My designs are inspired by nature and you – my customers! 
      Seeing my pieces find homes warms my heart and soothes my soul, 
      thank you, thank you, thank you, 
      Peace and Love, crystal lovers!
      ~ Kahlia 
      Metalsmith jewelry designer

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