Natural Gemstone Jewelry from the Pacific Northwest

Natural gemstone jewelry from the Pacific Northwest
Here, we take the term "handcrafted" very seriously. The designer and lapidary artist, Kahlia, has always had her heart set on creating locally and sustainably sourced products.
Woodland Metalsmith is a small handcrafted business that makes natural gemstone jewelry from the Pacific Northwest.

Pacific Northwest Gemstones

Each piece of jewelry is truly made with love. These gemstones are hand-picked from local beaches and river beds on the Olympic Peninsula. Some of the designers favorite stones include Jasper, Agates and fossils. The rock hounding and beach combing aspect of her work is a very important and intentional part of the process. It's not just a hobby, it's a job that happens to be quite fun and exciting! 
banded agate washington state
Beautiful banded Beach Agate found in Jefferson County. This specimen will be used for pendant necklaces.
picture jasper washington state
Stunning Picture Jasper specimen found in Jefferson County.

Lapidary Process

Lapidary is an interesting process which involves cutting, shaping and polishing stones. These local gemstones are then used as cabochons for stone setting! Doing the lapidary work herself, Kahlia is able to freely create cabochon shapes and styles she wouldn't normally be able to purchase online or in person. This process makes her gemstone pendant necklaces unique and 100% handmade.
Needless to say, it's really nice knowing exactly where your gemstones comes from.
yellow jasper cabochons
Yellow Jasper with Agate veins. A very unique gemstone found on the Olympic Peninsula.

Metalsmithing Technique

All jewelry at Woodland Metalsmith is entirely designed and created by Kahlia. Once she has done her lapidary work, the artist heads to the bench to start drawing designs, sawing sheet metal, soldering it together, filing and then sanding. There's a lot of in-between processes, but this is the overall scope of her metal smithing technique. She then sets her stones and seals up the metal to preserve the luster.

Who is it For?

Most jewelry is made for both men and women. The designs are intentionally made unisex, with a few more feminine and masculine designs available. Natural gemstone jewelry from the Pacific Northwest makes great gifts for your mother, daughter, son or husband.

Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

Oregon moss agate pendant necklace
Colorful Moss Agate pendant necklace created by Woodland Metalsmith.
Gemstone necklaces are handmade with pure copper, sometimes sterling silver and brass, and hand picked gemstones. The adjustable black cord that the pendant hangs from is comfortable and durable! The cord extends up to 28 inches for you to pull it over your head. Then, you just tighten it to the length you prefer! Super easy.
octopus pendant necklace in copper and brass
Octopus pendant necklace by Woodland Metalsmith.

Gemstone Earrings

 Gemstone earrings are delicately handcrafted with hypoallergenic niobium hooks. These hooks are great for ultra sensitive skin and give the earrings a mixed-metal look. Find simple earrings or statement earrings, the choice is yours!

All earrings come with silicone backers.

river jasper earrings in copper and brass
River Jasper earrings by Woodland Metalsmith.
sea star earrings in copper with hypoallergenic hooks

Sea Star earrings by Woodland Metalsmith.

Handmade Bracelets

Adjustable and easy to use, these copper bracelets come in two different styles and three sizes. From small to large wrists, you're bound to find one that fits you. Bracelets are polished and coated to prevent further tarnishing.

twisted copper bracelets
Twisted copper bracelets are entirely handcrafted from 14 gauge pure copper wire.
The designer uses two pieces of raw metal and twists them by hand for a whimsical touch. Hammer textured and oxidized for a rustic feel, these bangles are work hardened for sturdiness and longevity.
Despite the sturdiness of these bangles, they are easily bendable and adjustable to conform to your wrist. You can stack them, mix them with other metals, or just let one do the talking!
hammered copper bracelets
Hammered copper bracelets are handmade with a single piece of thick 10 gauge copper wire.
Hammered and polished for a bright and shiny finish, these versatile stacking bracelets are perfect to wear single, or you can mix and match with other bangles and rings.
 Work hardened for durability and easily adjustable, these textured bracelets make a stunning gift for someone who loves simple jewelry.

Gemstone Rings

All gemstone rings are adjustable as well to account for finger fluctuation, and they are extremely comfortable! Made with 14 gauge wire, they are sturdy and just small enough to barely notice you are wearing it.

river jasper ring in copper and sterling silver
River Jasper ring by Woodland Metalsmith.
hammered copper rings

Adjustable hammered copper ring by Woodland Metalsmith.

Enjoy the Benefits of Copper

Why wear copper jewelry?
Copper can help with arthritis and joint pain!
Yes, you heard that correctly! People have been wearing copper bracelets for thousands of years to help aid with pain, immune support and iron absorption.
Wearing a copper bracelet whenever you experience pain will help minimize it over time, and you can wear it daily as preventative care.

Where Natural Gemstone Jewelry is Sold

You can find these beautiful pendant necklaces online. Kahlia also sells her work at the local farmers market and other art fairs around the Olympic Peninsula. You can visit the events page for upcoming events.

Reduced Packaging Waste

Woodland Metalsmith ships jewelry exclusively within the US, using eco friendly paper packaging

Why This Work Is Important

Using Pacific Northwest gemstones and high quality metals, she works to cut down on unnecessary shipping pollution, packaging waste and unethical mass mining. With billions of people on the planet, there are always ways to cut down. As a business owner, Kahlia knows she has an important responsibility to help make the world a better place.

How To Care For Metal Jewelry

Metal jewelry care is easy! In Woodland Metalsmiths blog, you can find helpful tips on how to care for metal jewelry, as well as guides for gift shopping.

Why Buy From Woodland Metalsmith?

Woodland Metalsmith offers truly unique natural gemstone jewelry from the Pacific Northwest! Handmade jewelry makes great gifts, and we have something you are looking for. All jewelry is made to last with a clear lacquer coating to prevent tarnishing.

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