Handmade carneiian agate necklace handmade with pure copper
metalsmith pendant necklace made with carnelian agate and pure copper
this rustic pendant is handcrafted with carnelian agate and copper
pendant necklace made with carnelian agate and pure copper
pendant necklace made with copper and Washington state carnelian agate
copper pendant necklace handmade with washington state carnelian
handmade washington state carnelian pendant necklace
Handmade Carnelian Agate Necklace in Copper | Adjustable Cord or Chain
Handmade Carnelian Agate Necklace in Copper | Adjustable Cord or Chain
Handmade Carnelian Agate Necklace in Copper | Adjustable Cord or Chain

Handmade Carnelian Agate Necklace in Copper | Adjustable Cord or Chain

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This Washington State Carnelian Agate necklace was handmade for a man or woman who enjoys unique style. Compliment this necklace with an earth tone outfit or gift it to someone who loves Agate jewelry. 

This necklace was completely handcrafted by me (Kahlia) in Washington State from my school bus work studio. It was hand sawed out of raw sheet metal and soldered together using metalsmithing techniques. The designs were made using different texturing tools. I collected the Carnelian Agate in Southern Washington and then cut and polished it for this pendant.

A lot of love went into this piece and there won't be another one like it!

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The pendant hangs 2.25 inches in total length. Comfy and medium weight.

Made with pure copper, Washington State Carnelian Agate gemstone, high quality jewelry lacquer.

Copper is used for joint pain and arthritis relief as well as promotes blood circulation.

Carry Carnelian Agate to aid in emotional stress and bring clarity to the mind.

14 - 28 Inch adjustable polyester cord.

28 Inch stainless steel chain with copper clasp.

How to Use Polyester Necklace

Simply grab both knots on the necklace and pull apart until the knots are about an inch apart, then pull over your head. You can tighten it to your desired length by taking one knot at a time and pulling it towards the other knot. The adjustable cord becomes a breeze once you get it!

How to Use Stainless Steel Chain

The chain has an easy to use clasp, which you slip through a link of your choice. Pinch closed to secure your necklace, and open slightly to take it off. You may need a mirror to use the chain if you want it shorter so you can see the links.

Keep your jewelry dry for long lasting protection of the lacquer. Use a polishing cloth if jewelry becomes dull over time. Spruce up as needed!

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1 year warranty on necklace cords and chains.

I started Woodland Metalsmith in 2018 after having brain surgery for a neurological disorder that keeps me from working full time. Running my own handmade business allows me to work at my own pace and take time for myself when I really need it.

I work with good old fashioned hand tools, raw metals and natural gemstones that I collect from beaches and river beds of the Olympic Peninsula. I have a lapidary machine to shape and polish the stones, making each piece of jewelry exceptionally unique. It's a beautiful thing to know exactly where each stone comes from! All my pieces are handmade with love and intention, making them wonderful sentimental gifts.

Thank you for supporting my small business!


The Woodland Metalsmith

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What Customers Say

"Beautiful. Everything about this necklace feels good to me. I fell in love immediately when I took it out of the packaging. Thank you." - Jill

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